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Email Victorian Housing Minister, Martin Foley and call on him to:

  • Stop the current proposals to sell off public housing estates in North Melbourne and other locations.
  • Provide and maintain public housing through public funding - not secret deals with private developers.
  • Begin urgent planning for an expansion of public housing to reduce the public housing waiting list to near zero

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Why is this important?
Victoria currently has 83,000 people on the public housing waiting list,  25,000 of them being children, in need of secure, safe housing. Housing is a basic human right and governments must accept responsibility for housing the most vulnerable.

The Victorian Government is about to enter into a deal to sell public housing land to private developers. The developers will rebuild public housing homes in exchange for being allowed to build and sell large numbers of private apartments on the same land at a profit.

Recent reporting in The Age found that this plan, as it stands, lacks transparency, diminishes public wealth, and actually reduces public housing capacity. 

A Parliamentary Inquiry report released in June agreed. It also found that consultation had been inadequate, and queried the evidence justifying the plan.

Meanwhile, the developers that will carry out the redevelopment are set to make millions.